Musik är livsglädje!

Ändrade öppettider för växeln under sommaren!

Under perioden 4 juli till 7 augusti kommer växeln att vara öppen onsdagar 10–14 med lunchstängt 12–13. Du kan alltid mejla till och för medlemsrelaterade frågor till Trevlig sommar önskar RUM!

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Practical information


The invoice will be sent from RUM – Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter to the given email adress to the guardian of the participant and shall be payed before the week starts.

Music sheets

Prepare pieces that you want to play during Tónlek

Prepare musical pieces that you want to play at the SOLO lessons during Tónlek. Keep in mind that there will be concerts early in the week, so bring something you can play already at the concert that Tuesday.

If you play short pieces, for instance if you are a beginner or if you have been playing for just a few years, you can bring 4-5 tunes that you can play at the SOLO lessons. If you play pieces with rich content, i.e. if you play classical pieces or have played for a long time, 2–3 pieces will be enough. Remember to bring piano sheets to the chosen pieces!

Send piano sheets

When you have decided which pieces to play during the week, please scan the piano parts and send them to no later than July 15.

This gives our accompanist the chance to be prepared to play everyone’s wishes during the week.

Practice orchestral scores – you’ll find them in OneDrive!

We will share the orchestral scores in OneDrive. You will receive a link to OneDrive by email. Please note, do not spread the link, as the notes may only be used by participants within the project.


Travel together

Some of you have already asked for the opportunity to travel together with other participants. Since GDPR does not allow me to share your personal data and if you are one of those who wishes to travel together, I ask you to email me your wish and from where you want to travel.

Travel by airplane, train and bus

If you travel from Denmark or Norway, it is easiest to travel by train.

Travel by airplane

The nearest airports are Gothenburg (Landvetter). When arriving at Gothenburg, you should contoniue the travel by train to Vara from the airport. Book your train ticket to Vara Station at

Travel by train from Denmark

If you travel from Denmark; We suggest that you book ticket to the following departure:

Köpenhavn H – Vara Station

31st of July

Departure: 10.19

Arrival: 15.32

You know when you have arrived to Vara station since the station house is painted from roof to cellar in a very strong blue color. It is appr. 5 minutes walk from the station to Vara Folkhögskola, which has the adress Torggatan 41, 534 32 Vara.

Travel by car

If you are traveling by car you should drive to Vara Folkhögskola, Torggatan 41, 534 32 Vara. There are road signs showing where to park the car.


All participants are expected to live and eat together at Vara Folkhögskola. All activities during the week takes place at Vara Folkhögskola.


Do you play cello or double bass? Do you travel by airplane, train and/or by bus? If it is difficult to bring your own instrument, there is an opportunity to borrow instrument from nearby schools. If you know that this will apply to you, please contact Project Manager Therese Olsson Hugosson as soon as you can so that we can make a good solution.


To bring in addition to your usual clothes:


Members of RUM are insured at TryggHansa already when they start travelling from the home to Tónlek and keep being insured until they come back home. You need to check your own insurances if you lack membership in RUM, so that you and your belongings still are being insured when staying at Tónlek.

Please make sure that your instrument also is insured during the week. If you rent an instrument from a school or a company, please also make sure that the rental conditions approve travelling with the instrument. If you have householder’s comprehensive insurance, both you, your belongings and your instrument (rented or owned) should be insured. Double check it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Hashtags & social media

Hashtags of Tónlek

#tonlek2022 #riksforbundetungamusikanter

Feel free to use them already before Tónlek in your posts, eg. when you practice!

Social Media

Instagram: @riksforbundetungamusikanter (Tónlek will have a takeover during the week)
Facebook: RUM – Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter


Phone number during camp

Since we want to be mobile-free during the week as much as we can, we have a camp phone that can be used by both the participants during Tónlek, but also if you as a relative at home want or need to get in touch with someone. This phone is manned around the clock by Therese Olsson Hugosson or our withfollowing adult with extra responsibilities during the week, Elin Zieltjens.

+46 764 – 21 00 38

Contact to leaders of the week and other good to know-numbers

Therese Olsson Hugosson
Project Manager Tónlek
+46 (0)76 – 841 63 90

Anne Marie Kjaerulff
Nordic Project coordinator
+45 26187962

Vara Folkhögskola
(from 8.00-16.00 ECT)
+46 (0)512 – 570 70

We put mobiles and tablets away

During the week we shall have focus on the present and everything that happens on spot. It means that we do not use mobiles or tablets during the week more than contacting parents or taking pictures.

Info to visiting adults during Fri-Sat and the final activities

If you as an adult intend to come to the Final on Friday to hear the last concerts, there may be the opportunity to have dinner together with us who have been in place all week. It may also be possible to spend the night Friday-Saturday at Vara Folkhögskola (where we will live all week). Email your interest as soon as possible, as well as if you have food preferences that we need to know.

In case of cancellation

In case you have to cancel your place, a percentage administration fee will be charged.