Musik är livsglädje!

Ändrade öppettider för växeln under sommaren!

Under perioden 4 juli till 7 augusti kommer växeln att vara öppen onsdagar 10–14 med lunchstängt 12–13. Du kan alltid mejla till och för medlemsrelaterade frågor till Trevlig sommar önskar RUM!

Tónlek 2019 Foto: DavidGustavsson

Price and admission

Price list

Participants 8-18 years from Sweden, NOT RUM-members: 6 000 SEK

Participants 8-18 years from Sweden, RUM-members: 5 000 SEK

Participants from other Nordic countries 8-18 years: 4 200 SEK

Adult to children / youth: 3 900 SEK

What is included in the price?

Why is the cost different for the host country and the other Nordic countries?

Tónlek started years ago and is hosted by a Nordic country every year. Already from the start, it was decided to have differentiated pricing so that participants who are traveling from abroad and are having higher travel expenses than participants from the host country (i.e. their own travel expenses, shipping of instruments plus travelling with an adult). This is done so that the total cost per participant will be more balanced, than if everyone paid the same course fee.

The price between the years also varies as the fee is decided based on the grants that Tónlek has received. Thanks to the grants, we can subsidize the participation fee sharply.

Tips on possible scholarships and donations for course fees

There are a lot of different scholarships and donations that you can apply to for the course fee to Tónlek. Talk to your teacher who may know several ways to find these scholarships in your country.

Selection and admission

We will make an initial admission process already at the end of June. Therefore, it is important that you apply early to be part of the process! The selection is based on the following principles in this order:

  1. Quotation from nation-related membership
  2. Make sure to fill the string orchestra
  3. See that the entire age range is represented
  4. Earlier participants are partly prioritized
  5. Early application is partly prioritized.